Residential Phone, Internet and Data Services

We have extensive experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of telephone cabling and computer networks in the home, and we’re also licensed electrical contractors.

Contact us for prompt and professional service on any of the following:

  • Telephone Points and Telephone Cabling
  • Fax Lines and Second Lines
  • Home Computer Networks and Home Office Computing
  • Wireless Networks
  • ADSL Cabling, ADSL Filters and Splitters

If you are a homeowner, landlord, tenant or property manager, please see the sections below for more information on our range of services.

Telephone Points and Telephone Cabling

We install additional telephone points, and repair those that aren’t working. We also install and repair telephone cabling in apartment buildings and other residential complexes.

Home Computer Networks and Home Office Computing

Do you need any of the following at home?

  • fast internet in every room
  • online gaming fun
  • rich media websites like YouTube and Facebook
  • to share a printer or internet connection
  • to connect to your office or workplace

We can install, repair or service your fixed computer network wiring and provide sound advice on the best solution for your specific needs. We offer a prompt and professional service and are fully licensed and insured for this type of work.

Wireless Networks

A wireless network at home may quite possibly be the most affordable and best option for data, media and content delivery around the house.

If you are a tenant, the lease agreement may prevent you from making changes to the structure of your home or to install fixed network cabling. We can provide a low-impact solution that provides internet, e-mail, gaming and more to all the supporting devices in your home.

These devices include:

  • Notebooks and Laptop Computers
  • Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Media Centre PC’s
  • Tablet PC’s
  • Mobile Phones

ADSL Cabling, and ADSL Splitters and Filters

We can check, certify or upgrade your existing telephone wiring at home to ensure you get the fastest ADSL speed in all the rooms where you require it.

Older houses may still have old wiring that needs to be upgraded in order to fully utilise the capabilities of modern technology.

Not sure what an ADSL filter or splitter is and whether you need one? No worries – we advise you on the need for them, as well as install them if needed.